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Chinese Society of Radiology (CSR), a nonprofit national community dedicated to radiology research and clinical treatment, was founded in 1937, Shanghai. As a subordinate of Chinese Medical Association (CMA), CSR set its purpose for uniting all radiologists as well as radiologic technologists nationwide, and actively promoting the development of Chinese radiology.

Timeline of CSR:

Professor Xie Zhiguang

Professor Wang Zhaoxun

Professor Liu Yuqing

April 1 to 8, 1937, CSR was founded during the 12th conference of CMA
President: Professor Xie Zhiguang (1899-1967)
graduated from the Xiangya Medical School, first director as a professor in Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, founded Xie’s Position on X-ray.
Secretary: Ding Guo
Members: Su Dali, T.S. Jung
It was terminated for the reason of Anti-Japanese War.


August 1950, Radiology Preparatory Committee was established on the 16th CMA congress;

March 23, 1951, CSR was re-established;
Honorary chairman: Xie Zhiguang
Chairman: Wang Shaoxun

December 14, 1952, the decision of publishing “Chinese Journal of Radiology” was finally made.

September 10, 1953, the inaugural issue of “Chinese Journal of Radiology” was launched in Beijing

   \r\n Chief Editor: Wang ShaoXun
\r\n Deputy Editor: Liang Duo, Hu MaoHua

July 24 to 25, 1956, the first national academic congress of CSR was kicked off in Beijing, Third Committee was elected.

Chairman: Wang ShaoXun
Vice Chairman: Rong Dushan, HU Maohua

September 1963, the second national congress of CSR was hold in Shanghai; fourth committee was elected, with no change in the leadership.

November 1981, Zhengzhou, the third national academic congress, Fifth Committee was elected.
Chairman: Wang ShaoXun
Vice Chairman: Zou Zhong, Li Guozhen, Gu xianzhi, Chen Yuren

November 1985, Hangzhou, Fourth National academic congress, Sixth Committee was organized
Chairman: Liu Gengnian
Vice Chairman: Liu Yuqing, Gu xianzhi, Fan Yan, Chen Xingrong

May 1989, Wuhan, Fifth National academic conference, Seventh Committee was organized
Chairman: Liu Yuqing
Vice Chairman: Liu Gengnian, Fan Yan, Chen Xingrong

October 1993, Beijing, Sixth National Conference, Eighth Committee was generated
Chairman: Liu Gengnian
Vice Chairman: Wu Enhui, Chen Xingrong, Xu Jiaxing

Afterwards, the development of Chinese radiology entered a new era.
The national academic conference was held once a year.
The Committee election was held every four years.
Professor Dai Jianping was nominated the ninth and tenth chairman of CSR
Professor Qi Ji was nominated the eleventh chairman of the CSR

Since 1988, the Institute set up 7 study groups: abdomen, bone & muscle, neuroradiology, chest & heart, pediatrics, interventional radiology and radiologic technology
Institute currently has eight study groups (abdomen, musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, cardiothoracic, pediatric, interventional, MRI, breast imaging) and a working group (Molecular Imaging) .