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Going out, let the world hear the voice of China
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RSNA 2015, which is the most influential centennial in the radiology industry, celebrates RSNA’s 100 years on November 29-December 4 held in Chicago, IL, America. Heads of Chinese Society of radiology (CSR) including president, vice president, former president and general secretary attend the RSNA annual meeting, which, is to complete the mission of “Goinh out, let the world hear the voice of China” of Chinese Radiology. In RSNA 2015, CSR’s international strategies are making progress gradually.

With the coming of anniversary of RSNA, Our president Xu Ke proposed to set up CSR booth during RSNA2015 to propagate our CSR and CCR of next year in Suzhou. In the morning of Nov. 29, the heads of Chinese Society of radiology (CSR) including president, vice president and general secretary showed up in CSR booth and handed out the certificate to the 25 volunteers from different hospitals all over the country. This is the first time that CSR showed its public appearance in RSNA.  CSR has entering the world and the world has known our CSR.

Group photo of CSR leaders with booth volunteers

The CSR and American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) leaders meeting was held on the December 1, 2015 morning to discuss the 2016 and future collaboration between the two societies, and the agreement was reached. The exchange programs are mostly related to young talent development, including ARRS Clinician Educator Development Program (CEDP), ARRS/CSR web-case sharing program, and ARRS “Approach to Diagnosis” Case Review Course in CCR 2016. During the meeting, the ARRS leaders were very impressed by the CCR 2016 video and the internationalization development blueprint presented by CSR. After the discussion, CSR and ARRS both assigned leaders for every program to continue further communication as well as implementation. CSR looks forward to expanding and accelerating the exchange and cooperation with ARRS, to achieve the ambitious goal of CSR internationalization promotion, clinical diagnosis skill elevation and talent development in China. 

Group photo of CSR and ARRS leaders

In the recent 22nd CCR, CSR proposed the strategy of “Going out” and the president Xu Ke suggested building BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Alliance of Radiology. Before the RSNA2015, CSR had finished the first step of contact with BRICS Radiology academic organization and proposal had been issued. China, Russia and India has been maintaining academic exchanges and contacts. In the 22nd CCR, CSR invited president of Brazilian College of Radiology to attend the meeting and communicated with each other for the establishment of BRICS Radiology academic organization preliminarily. In this RSNA2015, radiology societies of BRICS held the first meeting and committees members from the five countries attended. A number of consensuses were reached in this meeting including the establishment of BRICS Alliance of Radiology and holding its 1st Annual Joint Conference in 2016 in Suzhou. Establishing this organization, on the one hand, it can strengthen the international academic exchanges, on the other hand, it also endows great political significance. “BRICS” is the emerging economies and the second square of the international economy, the development of academic field is also very rapid. In this historical progress, these countries will get some communal experience to learn and promote with each other. As the initiator of the BRICS Alliance of Radiology, China hopes to establish a new academic organization as an international exchange platform, which is different from that of the western countries.

The first talk between BRICS Alliance of Radiology 

Group photo of BRICS Alliance of Radiology leaders

CSR acknowledges the support from the associated companies on the meeting and program arrangement and execution during RSNA 2015 conference.

(string correspondent  Gao Bo)