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2016 Sino-US SPARK Interview successfully conducted in Beijing on 16 December, 2015
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Chinese Society of Radiology (CSR) has been organizing Strategic Partnership to Advance Radiology Knowledge (SPARK) program for 5 years since 2011 together with China International Medical Foundation (CIMF) and Bayer HealthCare Co., Ltd. to drive Chinese Radiology development and develop talented young radiologists. 19 excellent radiologists have been selected to join the program for international exchange. In addition to Sino-Germany SPARK program and APAC SPARK program, we include US as SPARK destination starting from 2013. 4 radiologists with excellent performance have been selected to the program and are already back from international exchange. 

The interview is successfully conducted on 16 December, 2015. 5 candidates from difference cities around China joined the interview.

Presided by Professor Jin Zhengyu from Peking Union Medical College University, Professor Hong Nan from Peking University People’s Hospital, Professor Chen Min from Peking University and Professor Wang Yining from Peking Union Medical College University participated the interview as judges based on the scientific capability, English competency, study attitude and study plan to select qualified candidates.

2 radiologists are selected to US for exchange for 6 weeks. The selection is conducted by CSR and CIMF under sponsorship from Bayer Radiology.

The following candidates are selected to US in 2016

Peking University First Hospital Yibin Second Hospital

Qin Naishan Qiu Lihua