Casestudy 74th
Release time:2017-12-06Views:1024TimeSource:Radiology Department of Peking University 3rd HospitalAuthor:Chen Min, Lang Ning

The final results and case analysis process will be released on Friday

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  • 病例读片第77期

    患者,男,54岁 主诉:骶尾部疼痛6个月,加重半月 现病史:6个月前无明显诱因出现骶尾部疼痛,静息时减轻,弯腰及活动时加重,无头晕头痛,无发热、咳嗽、腹痛、呕吐。半月前疼痛明显加重 [detailed]

    郎宁the doctor

  • Casestudy 76th

    Female, 28 years old Suffering from intermittent and ingravescent headache for 6 months, and emesis for 2 months Physical examination and Laboratory examination: no obvious abnormality [detailed]

    Li Bo,Zhang Weithe doctor

  • Casestudy 74th

    Male, 54 years old Main complaint The man had a 6-months sacral pain, with an aggravation of the pain for half a month [detailed]

    Chen Min, Lang Ningthe doctor

  • Casestudy 73rd

    52y, M Hematuria and flank pain for two weeks Lab:U-LEU(++) [detailed]

    Rao Shengxiangthe doctor

  • Casestudy 72nd

    1.Male, 43 years old 2.Left waist pain after injury for 3 months, and exacerbated for 2 days 3. No other significant history of hematuria, dysuria or fever was experienced. No body dysmorphic featur... [detailed]

    Rong Pengfeithe doctor

  • Casestudy 69th

    46 y/o man with right kidney occupying for six years, lumbago more than three months [detailed]

    Qian Yinfengthe doctor

  • Casestudy 68th

    Male 52 Chief complaint : intermittent fever more than 3 months. Present illness: The patient with no obvious incentives in intermittent fever three months ago, the highest temperature is 39.7 [detailed]

    Lining Guo,Dong Lithe doctor